Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Welcome new members!

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Welcome to the new Charter Oak Achiever members Kennedy Goslar, Jodee Kruse, and Bella Zamago!

Installation of 2015-16 Club Officers

Charter Oak Achiever Officers: Digital Historian Ellen Mallory, Vice-President Claire Staley, President Grace Mallory, Treasurer Hailey Meseck, Reporter Eile Meseck, Photographer Annamarie Mallory.  Absent from photo is Secretary Beau Mohr.

Installation & Mother's Tea Fun!

Members and moms worked together to paint hedgehogs.  Thanks to Kelsey Hipnar for a great evening together.  Members and moms participating included (left to right): Bethany Mallory with Grace, Ellen and Annamarie, Jenny Goslar with Kennedy, Dee and Jodee Kruse, Peggy and Claire Staley, Danielle and Kendra Creese, Julie and Hailey Meseck, Brenda and Bella Zamago, Eile Meseck, and Jaime and Saige Berens.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Watch This Space

We haven't been as regular about posting on this blog as we originally had hoped to, but beginning next week, we will be having our Historian post HERE, rather than keeping a scrap book or notebook as has traditionally been done.

Members maybe on Facebook or Instagram. Parents are informed about upcoming events and announcements via group text message. So why shouldn't our history be kept digitally too.

If you are a current Achievers member or parent, or an "alumni" or either the Achievers or our previous incarnation, 'the Merry Maidens,' please join/follow this blog by clicking the button on the right or entering your email address.

Feel free to share this blog or any of our posts on other social media like Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, and share a link to it with your friends who are members, parents, former or even potential members. Thanks.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

2013-14 Crawford County 4H Awards Banquet

Accepting awards for the Charter Oak Achievers; Amy Goslar and Ellen & Grace Mallory.

Saturday, February 8, 2014